100 years of atmosphere graden

TITLE | 100 years of atmosphere garden
DATE | 2019.11
TYPE | Installation
ARTIST | Naoko Kawachi
PHOTO | Ichiro Mishima
COLLABORATION | Keiichiro Arai
SPECIAL THANKS | Kayako Hirose(Keizo Murata’s residence)
Osaka College of Technorojy

An installation at a Japanese traditional style house that was to be demolished.
The house as an architecture existed for 100 years, quietly breathing the air right there.
The idea was to call the atmosphere by installing furniture/architecture-like structures in three areas: in the garden, under the eaves, and alongside the Engawa, a japanese-style veranda.
When the clear colors and sharpened lines were added to the architecture, which has withstood with surrounding conditions over the years, some phenomena emerged. Those are the particles of deep light, gentle breeze from afar and the flow of time.
This structure is made up only with 3mm plywood and 10mm round bars, while the dimensions such as width and height came from existing floorboards, fittings, and crosspieces.

TITLE | 100年の空気 庭
DATE | 2019.11
TYPE |インスタレーション
ARTIST | 河内尚子
PHOTO | 三嶋一路
SPECIAL THANKS | 広瀬カヤ子(村田敬蔵邸)
大阪工業技術専門学校 建築設計学科